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At Level Up Your Frequency (ItsCrystalSun LLC), our mission is to ignite global consciousness through the power of sound frequency. We strive to elevate the vibration of our planet by awakening inner frequency awareness, fostering harmony, and promoting well-being. By offering gateways to raised consciousness, valuable education, and empowering tools, we aim to create positive transformation within individuals and, in turn, restore harmony and peace to planet Earth. Our ultimate goal is to reach millions worldwide, ushering in a new era of a frequency-driven planet where sound frequencies heal, fuel sustainability, and facilitate healthy human evolution. Through our company, we also dedicate ourselves to supporting families, impoverished communities, and those in need, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to overcome their challenges. Join us on this exciting journey of consciousness and embrace your innate power to raise your vibration. Together, we can create a harmonious and enlightened world.



My name is Crystal C-Anthony also known as “Crystl Sn”(pronounced Crystal Sun)


My life changed in a profound way when I discovered the incredible power of sound frequency and vibration. Back in 2008, I left my hometown of Providence, R.I., and headed to California with aspirations of becoming a highly successful pop star. As a recording artist, performer, singer, songwriter, music producer, model, and actress, I was fortunate enough to work in some of the most prestigious recording studios in Hollywood with respected industry professionals.


While in California, I started meditating and soon began receiving messages about sound frequency and vibration during my morning sessions in the mountains. Though I didn't fully grasp their significance at the time, I was increasingly intrigued by these messages as my career progressed and I began to feel that something was missing from my life.


Determined to uncover the meaning behind these messages, I delved into research on the topic and was surprised to find that much of what I was downloading was accurate. This led me to a deeper understanding of sound frequency and its impact on overall health and wellbeing. It was then that I realized the music I had been creating and the vibration I had been emitting were not always in the best interest of myself or others.


Empowered by this newfound knowledge, I made the difficult decision to leave my successful Hollywood career after eight years. My goal now is to raise awareness about the crucial role of sound frequency in human evolution. As a solo 432 hz music artist, I create enjoyable music infused with healing frequencies. I also collaborate with mainstream artists/producers to educate them about healing frequencies and encourage the integration of 432 hz music to change the industry standard.


My qualifications include a quarter-century of experience in the music industry, extensive training in music theory and classical voice and over a decade of sound frequency research. I am a member of the Sound Healers Association, and the founder of Level Up Your Frequency (ItsCrystalSun LLC) .

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