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At Level Up Your Frequency (ItsCrystalSun LLC), our mission is to elevate global consciousness through the power of frequency. We are dedicated to raising the vibration of our planet by awakening inner frequency awareness, fostering harmony, and promoting well-being. Through providing gateways to heightened consciousness, valuable education, and empowering tools, we strive to catalyze positive transformations within individuals, thereby restoring harmony and peace to planet Earth. Our ultimate goal is to impact millions worldwide, ushering in a new era of a frequency-driven planet where frequencies heal, fuel sustainability, and facilitate healthy human evolution. Join us on this exciting journey of consciousness, and embrace your innate power to elevate your vibration. Together, we can create a harmonious and enlightened world.

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I am Crystal C-Anthony, also known as “Crystl Sn” (pronounced Crystal Sun). My journey navigates the expansive realms of energy, frequency, and vibration, weaving together diverse experiences in pursuit of innate frequency wisdom.

Having traversed various roles within the music industry—recording artist, performer, singer, songwriter, music producer, model, and actress—my trajectory underwent a profound shift in California back in 2008. Amidst meditative moments in the mountains, compelling messages about sound frequency and vibration ignited a transformative journey within me.

These insights, initially enigmatic, led to a realization of an unexplored path in my life's trajectory. This prompted a deep dive into comprehensive research, confirming the accuracy of my intuitive downloads. Recognizing that the energy I projected and the music I created didn't always align with the highest good, I made a pivotal departure from my flourishing Hollywood career after eight impactful years.

My calling now revolves around illuminating the pivotal role of frequency in human evolution. As a frequency advocate, speaker and educator, I champion sound frequency education, seeking to empower others to unlock their limitless potential by tapping into the power of energy, frequency, and vibration. I produce healing frequencies integrated into enriching music, teach the art of vocal toning, and demonstrate how the human voice can be used to tune up our system. Additionally, I host frequency healing-focused retreats around the world.

My journey spans over a quarter-century in the music industry, augmented by rigorous training in music theory, classical voice, and more than a decade dedicated to sound frequency research. As a proud member of the Sound Healers Association, I have founded Level Up Your Frequency, a platform driving positive change in frequency-centric consciousness through education and advocacy.

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