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Crystal C-Anthony: Speaker & Frequency Expert




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Meet Your Presenter

Crystal C-Anthony

Speaker & Frequency Expert

Crystal C-Anthony brings over 25 years of experience within the music industry, coupled with a deep understanding of sound frequency research. As an international presenter, author, and founder of Level Up Your Frequency, Crystal's passion lies in empowering audiences to harness the transformative power of sound.

  • Trained in music theory & classical voice

  • Author of "Vocal Toning: The Long Lost Ancient Practice"

  • Member of the Sound Healers Association

  • Master Frequency Producer

  • Vocal Toning Mentor

Speaking Overview

Crystal's dynamic and engaging presentations are designed to educate, inspire, and empower audiences of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you're new to the world of sound frequencies or a seasoned expert, you'll leave with a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and possibility.


  • 1. The Power of Sound Frequencies: Explore Crystal's personal journey from Hollywood success to becoming a renowned Frequency Producer.

  • 2. Hack Your Brainwaves: Dive deep into binaural tones, brainwave states, and strategies for optimizing health and abundance.

  • 3. Healing with Sound: Learn how specific sound frequencies can positively impact the body and unlock optimal well-being.

  • 4. Solfeggio Frequencies & Harmony: Discover the connection between Solfeggio frequencies and the Schumann Resonance for maintaining balance and harmony.

  • 5. Unlocking Healing Through Vocal Toning: Explore the ancient practice of vocal toning and harness the power of your own vibration for healing and self-discovery.


  • The Alternative Healing Summit

  • Satori Wellness & Spirituality: Guest Speaker

  • Ancient Energy Healing Event

  • Connecting to Your Intuition Event

  • Magic, Healing, and Manifestation Online Series

  • The LightBearers Summit

  • Freedom From Grief Online Series

  • Daily SOS: Guest Speaker

  • Heal the Healer Online Retreat

  • Priortise You Event

  • Live to Thrive: Guest Speaker

  • Empower Her Summit

  • North Jersey Women’s Live Networking: Guest Speaker

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